Image focal points

CastleCMS always keeps images' focal points visible

CastleCMS sites are responsive and mobile device-ready. 

The images you display on your CastleCMS site are always automatically perfectly cropped and sized, while keeping the most important part of the image visible, regardless of the size and shape of the device screen used to view your site.

To achieve this with other content management systems, you would have to manually crop your images down to multiple sizes to match each possible screen size and aspect ratio.

But with CastleCMS, when you upload an image you are presented with a grey dot that indicates the image's focal point. By default, the focal point is assumed to be in the center of the image, but you simply click on the image to move the focal point. For example, if the image is someone's face, you'd probably want the focal point to be their eyes. With CastleCMS, you set the focal point with a single click.

You can also later edit an image to change its focal point.