Image and File Repositories

CastleCMS uses centralized repositories for images, files, videos, and audio clips

Making content creation and editing is one of the basic tenets of CastleCMS' design.

One of CastleCMS' content editing enhancements is its centralized repositories for storing images, files, audio clips, and videos.

When you upload one of these binary file types to a CastleCMS site, they are automatically saved in the appropriate repository folder. 

Later, when you are looking for an image or file to link to (for example, to display in a document viewer tile), CastleCMS' content browser automatically presents you with the contents of the repository.

This makes finding items easier and faster. No more searching throughout the site to locate the image or file you're looking for!

Configuring Repository Locations

A site administrator can change the location of these repositories, via the Castle control panel.